Dear Members of the NewCities Community,

Existing cities are expanding quickly and new cities are being built from the ground up to accommodate the urban boom around the globe. This exponential growth creates challenges that we must work to address together by embracing the most innovative approaches at our disposal. NewCities focuses on 12 Impact Areas wherein we seek to improve urban life, centered around people, places and policies. Our facility with new technological platforms puts thought leadership in these areas front and centre.

In addition, we are expanding our Fellowship Program to include Associate Fellows with a range of backgrounds. Each new Associate Fellow will join us as an expert to share their experience and expertise across a variety of fields, from Mobility to Greenfield Cities and from Citizen Engagement to Placemaking. Their contributions to our web platform, at our events, and in the media will contribute to NewCities commitment to turn theory into practice and drive change.

As we build towards the NewCities Summit 2017 in Incheon Songdo from June 7-9, this platform will be filled with perspectives and thoughts from some of the global leaders helping to build more healthy and vibrant cities. The Summit theme, Thriving Cities: The Building Blocks of Urban Wellbeing, touches on one of the most critical issues facing cities today. The new city of Incheon Songdo, built with sustainability and wellbeing at its core, is the perfect setting for this global conversation. I look forward to seeing you there.

All best,

John Rossant