Cities of (Olympic) Gold



Putting this info graphic together meant making some methodological decisions which we have tried to explain below

1.  We only looked at gold medals.

2. For individual athletes, the medal was given to the city where the athlete lives and trains for most of the year. This is usually the city where their club is located.

3. We used a variety of sources to determine each athlete’s city. The list of sources is in the downloadable database.

4. China has a highly opaque and centralized sports management system. It is hard to access credible information about each athlete’s residence. All Olympic athletes travel around the country and train in different regions. However, at some point during their career, most Chinese athletes spend a significant period of time training at the National Olympic Training Center in Beijing. For the sake of consistency with the methodology, and unless credible sources indicated otherwise, the home city for most Chinese athletes is Beijing.

5. Since doubles or relay teams are generally comprised of individuals with multiple and inconsistent training sites, gold medals given in these events were not counted in the city table.

6. Team sports receive one medal per team. That medal is counted for the city where the team practiced together leading up to the Olympic Games. Team sports include: basketball, field hockey, handball, football, synchronized swimming, volleyball, and water polo.

7. For athletes that live in towns/villages that are widely considered suburbs of a city, the medal was given to that city.

Downloadable Resources

Click here to download a high definition info graphic (PDF format)