Montréal Roundtable Series

Investing in Montréal’s Future: The Impact of Startups, Advanced Technology, and Entrepreneurship on the City

As investment and the presence and proliferation of both local and international startups and advanced research centers continue to grow in Montréal, local organizations and leaders across industries must be well prepared and actively involved in the changes to come.

To kickstart this important conversation, NewCities will host a series of three roundtables on the ongoing impacts, future challenges and opportunities of Montréal’s transformation into a startup hub and driver of new technology.

Roundtable 1 – The City as an Incubator

When: Tuesday, February 6
MT Lab, 141, Président-Kennedy Avenue, 7th floor, Office SB-7250, Montréal, Québec, H2X 1Y4

Can Montréal become the global model for the incubation of innovations at the city scale? How can the City of Montréal promote productive relationships between entrepreneurs and the community? What are the steps for implementing a truly city-led network of support? What does Montréal have to gain?

This discussion explored how Montréal can best promote productive partnerships between startups, local communities, business, government and the tertiary in order to nurture more successful innovations. By taking a close look at the very definition of an incubator and its core concepts, these roundtables will help us collectively understand what resources need to be provided and shared, and how diverse actors across the city can mobilize the resources and investment needed for Montréal to become – in practice – a large-scale incubator.

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Roundtable 2 – Artificial Intelligence and the City

When: Tuesday, March 27

How will Montréal’s leadership in artificial intelligence, machine learning and urban tech create new opportunities, services and types of growth in the City? This roundtable will explore the potential effects of new technologies, services, and products developed and promoted by Montréal’s burgeoning research and startup scene – especially as a world-leading hub for artificial intelligence and machine learning research. Together, participants will contribute to a broader understanding and develop key considerations for how this influx of research and entrepreneurship in Montréal can impact the City’s plans moving forward, development and service provision in Montréal’s neighborhoods, and how this can inform other industries and cities worldwide.

The event will be held in French.

For more information, please contact Manon Guyot, Events Manager at

Roundtable 3 – Defining the Future of Urban Mobility

What combination of leadership, technology, entrepreneurship and support will strengthen Montréal’s lead on sustainable urban transportation? The third roundtable will examine the current ecosystem of actors that are developing innovative aspects of the urban mobility industry that will define the future for Montréal and cities worldwide. As Montréal seeks to lead the charge on the electrification of transportation, the deployment of shared and connected mobility, and embrace of sustainable and active transportation networks, how can entrepreneurs, businesses, civil society, and government alike ensure this momentum builds, and that Montréal’s streets continue to test and embrace these new facets of urban living?

Date to be confirmed

Photo – Quartier des Spectacles © Ulysse Lemerise / OSA

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