Brno, Czech Republic

Days of Electron Microscopy

This year marks the fourth edition of The Days of Electron Microscopy in Brno funded by the city and its partners. The concept emerged  in 2016 after numerous meetings with stakeholders in the field of electron microscopy – in particular local manufacturers, scientific research institutes, and universities. 

A year later, the city launched Days of Electron Microscopy, a city-wide event dedicated to the popularization of electron microscopy and raising interest in technical and natural science among young people. Residents now have the opportunity to learn about electron microscopy through industry visits, laboratory tours, family workshops, lectures, films, and exhibitions. 

The project also launched a special program for local kindergartens, together with primary and secondary schools. 

The event is also a good opportunity for electron microscope manufacturers to introduce themselves as employers and build an interest in the sector.

"In cooperation with technological companies, scientific centres and universities, we have for ambition to initiate the interest of our youth in studies in the technical and scientific fields. We are proud of being a city of science and innovation."

Marketa Vankova
Mayor of Brno, Czech Republic

* Disclosure: The Wellbeing Cities Award’s laureates and finalists were selected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil rights protests. In the light of these new events, our events team is working to reflect these crucial changes in the program of the Wellbeing Cities Forum.

Photo and poster sent by City of Brno, Czech Republic.