Fortaleza, Brazil

Competitive Fortaleza Program

The Competitive Fortaleza Program is an urban planning tool supporting the emergence and growth of local businesses. The project aims to create a favorable environment for investors and citizens of Fortaleza to overcome the challenges of maintaining and opening new endeavors. The Program also strives to meet the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.

The Program acts within four complementary lines: incentives and regulations, public-private arrangements, de-bureaucratization, and labor marketplace. Its premise is to provide an institutional framework encouraging entrepreneurship in the city.

The Program builds a vibrant urban economy with the goal to provide the necessary tools to improve opportunities in Fortaleza. So far, it favors more than 34,000 workers and approximately 19,000 micro-entrepreneurs.

"The world is changing and this change can be especially seen in the cities, where new technologies, business models, lifestyles and attitudes are coming together to provide a new look at things, a new way of being and living. Successful national economies are today measured by the capacity to generate wealth, especially through innovation, and the authorities must act accordingly, being aware of the challenges and indicators that reflect an environment of opportunity for all."

Roberto Claudio
Mayor, City of Fortaleza, Brazil

* Disclosure: The Wellbeing Cities Award’s laureates and finalists were selected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil rights protests. In the light of these new events, our events team is working to reflect these crucial changes in the program of the Wellbeing Cities Forum.

All photos sent by the City of Fortaleza, Brazil.