Lahore, Pakistan

Master Plan of Lahore Division - 2050

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has adopted a regenerative approach to urban planning with the Master Plan of Lahore – 2050. It aims to transform ill-planned, underprivileged, and unsustainable communities into planned, adequately served, and sustainable human settlements - all while promoting new urban centers. 

The project will operate in a two-pronged approach; monitoring Lahore’s rapid growth and establishing an Urban Club to support local development. 

The Urban Club works to elevate the status of small urban and rural settlements by stimulating alternative growth. In its implementation phase, the LDA will regulate the approval of housing grants and initiatives by private developers, both industrial and commercial, which will stimulate positive growth. Moreover, the city will soon launch a second wellbeing component to this plan.

"The vision for cities should encapsulate and subsume the principles of justice, tolerance, equity and respect that form the basis for prosperity and wellbeing."

Sheikh M Imran 
Vice-Chairman, Lahore Development Authority

* Disclosure: The Wellbeing Cities Award’s laureates and finalists were selected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil rights protests. In the light of these new events, our events team is working to reflect these crucial changes in the program of the Wellbeing Cities Forum.

Featured photo Beautiful pavilion of Faiz Baksh terrace by Muhammad Ashar.
Photo by Fassifarooq.