Tirana, Albania

Green City Action Plan

The Green City vision is to create a resilient, inclusive and green Tirana for people to enjoy a healthy and high-quality lifestyle that makes smart use of its resources.

The Green City Action Plan involves four main steps:

  • Green City Baseline
  • Green City Action Plan (GCAP)
  • GCAP Implementation
  • GCAP Reporting

An initial scan of the city's legislative and policy context, governance, finance, and environmental and social issues, was performed to evaluate its ability to deliver green solutions. A Prioritisation Report based on the results defined Tirana's environmental challenges and identified seven priority sectors: Land Use, Mobility and Transport, Solid Waste, Water, Energy, Buildings, and Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation. 

GCAP implementation involves action for smart mobility, more green spaces, enriched water quality and reduced water loss, better energy efficiency, waste reduction, and improved recycling.

The GCAP strengthens individual, business, and community resilience while emphasizing the principles of inclusivity, public health, gender equality, and community involvement.

“A child that plants a tree is not only setting roots in this city, but will never damage a tree, will never bully a friend, will never litter the streets. We are one of the few cities in the world to  tell adults to learn from their children on how to behave as citizens”.

Erion Veliaj
Mayor, Tirana, Albania

* Disclosure: The Wellbeing Cities Award’s laureates and finalists were selected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil rights protests. In the light of these new events, our events team is working to reflect these crucial changes in the program of the Wellbeing Cities Forum.

All photos sent by the City of Tirana, Albania.