June 16, 2020


Welcome Remarks 
John Rossant, Chairman, NewCities




Opening Plenary: The Wellbeing Priority
The data we collect and frameworks we create reflect what we find important enough to assess and measure. Across the globe, we have used the GDP to measure “success”. How else are cities around the world measuring what urban wellbeing looks like to their residents and addressing wellbeing in their own unique contexts? How are they using this data to shape their policies, plans, and designs? While one of the most tangible ways to measure wellbeing is through health frameworks and factors, what other evaluations and frameworks are being developed?




Networking Break


Panel: DIY City: The Power of Civic Engagement
The Wellbeing City of 2019 was Milan, for their Civic Crowdfunding initiative. At its core, this initiative showed residents that the city cared about what was important to its residents and their projects would reflect its citizen’s priorities. What are other cities around the world doing similarly towards engagement and building a community centered city?How do we ensure that public engagement and participation is accessible for all communities, particularly those that are historically underserved?


Interview: Spotlight on Montréal: Protecting Urban Biodiversity
This interview will feature an international expert on biodiversity in cities and a representative from the City of Montréal to discuss Montreal’s extensive work fostering  biodiversity as a model for cities around the world.


Mini Debate: From Smart Cities to Wellbeing Cities
Exploring how technology impacts the city and people’s lives is extremely important. However, this discussion has also at times come short regarding people’s quality of life and overall happiness, not to mention regarding the environment and the climate. How can we start putting wellbeing at the center of policy, planning, and the global stages where we discuss urban futures and stop treating it as an afterthought? 




Panel: New Urbanization: Opportunities and Challenges in the Middle East, South Asia, and Africa


Breakout Sessions
Participants will break out into workshops and meet-ups for hands-on activities with the goal of learning more about specific topics related to urban wellbeing from experts.


Networking Break


Announcement: Laureates of the 2020 Wellbeing Cities Award
The Laureates of the 2020 Wellbeing Cities Award will be announced.


Panel: The 2020 Wellbeing Cities 
This session will feature the laureates of the Wellbeing Cities Award 2020 in a moderated conversation amongst themselves.


Closing Keynote by Mayor Valérie Plante


Reception in honor of the Laureates of the Wellbeing Cities Award 2020

June 17, 2020

8:30 - 8:50am

Wellbeing Activity
A guided meditation, breathing exercise, or brief yoga exercise will take place to start the day.

9:00 - 9:20am



Panel: Housing for Health
Much of the existing and planned housing stock is premised on lifestyles, technology, and power dynamics of the past. As a result, much of our housing is unaffordable, unsustainable for the planet, and unhealthy for inhabitants. Healthy cities require that all of its residents have access to affordable housing. New approaches, new actors, and new perspectives are essential in finding solutions to our housing crisis and promoting health in cities.


Panel: Getting to Higher Ground: Climate Migration and Resilience in Cities


Networking Break


Panel: Co-Constructing an Equitable Mobility Future
An inclusive transport system is the backbone of an equitable society. Mobility and access shape the lives and wellbeing of everyone. It’s not the act of motion that’s fundamental, but what this movement enables — work, education, opportunities — which in turn creates the economic and social fabric of city, suburban, and rural life. This panel will reflect on  how equitable mobility access can serve as solutions for many of the barriers to wellbeing we face.


Town Hall

12:50 -1:00pm

Closing Keynote and Announcement of Wellbeing Cities Award 2021

Closing Keynote and Announcement of Wellbeing Cities Award 2021




Site Visits & Interactive Workshops
Participants will design the rest of their day from a selection of interactive activities hosted by local and international urban innovators. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Montréal and connect with key stakeholders on the ground. There will also be workshops led by international experts sharing their knowledge and solutions from around the world.