NewCities announces winners of AppMyCity! Prize

NewCities is thrilled to announce the three finalists of the AppMyCity! Prize: CarbonDiem, CityGardens and Paris-ci La Sortie.

These three finalists will have the opportunity to present their app to a high-level audience comprised of mayors, CEOs , architects and researchers from around the world at the New Cities Summit, May 14-16, 2012 in Paris. Each presentation will last 5 minutes in which each candidate will prove why their apps improve the urban experience by connecting people and making cities more fun, fair, vibrant and sustainable. The candidates will be judged by a hand selected jury comprised of tech and urban savvy authorities who will decide which app will get the 5000€ prize to support the next stages of development. The winner will be announced at the Gala Dinner scheduled for May 15th at the Grand Palais.

CarbonDiem shows travellers their carbon emissions in real time on their Smartphone. The app works in the background 24/7 detecting a user’s mode of transport and route, this information is then used to calculate the carbon emissions from the journey. Users can then see their emissions, and those of their friends, on a bright and simple interface, making it easy to understand the environmental impact of their travel and helping them make smart travel choices.

City Gardens helps urban hikers, tourists, mothers, friends, and whoever might be looking for a green space to access pertinent information about the city’s parks, gardens, and squares. Location, opening and closing hours, closest metro and bus stations, possibility for a picnic, toilets, recommended age for children’s games, local history, points of interest, restaurants, etc. All relevant information is combined with a geolocalisation feature allowing people to fully enjoy a moment with nature.

Paris-ci La Sortie alerts you to the nearest exits at every stop on the Metro or Tramway in order to assist you in getting you where you need to go simply and effectively. Waiting times and walking distances are greatly reduced allowing users to save the 2 or 5 minutes that they needed not to miss their next train or be late for an important appointment. It encourages mobility and helps citizens optimise their commuting times.

About NewCities

NewCities is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to making cities more inclusive, connected, healthy and vibrant. Focusing on people, places and policies, we bring together a global network of public and private sector leaders and Urban Tech innovators to foster results-oriented collaboration. We also produce actionable research that can be implemented by decision-makers across sectors.

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