Clover Moore

Lord Mayor, Sydney

Clover Moore is Lord Mayor of Sydney. The first popularly elected woman to lead the City of Sydney, Clover is also its longest serving Mayor since Sydney Council was incorporated in 1842. Clover also served as a Member of the NSW Parliament from 1988 to 2012. As Lord Mayor, Clover is leading the City in implementing Sustainable Sydney 2030, its internationally renowned long term plan to secure Sydney’s future as a leading international green liveable and creative city. Clover also leads the City in implementing significant planning and other reforms to support and encourage a diverse, inviting and safe nightlife and the Creative City Cultural Policy and Strategy, with its emphasis on expanding opportunities for cultural and creative activity. Under her leadership, the City of Sydney has developed a global reputation for delivering award winning facilities, protecting open space, promoting design excellence, delivering new transport options, addressing homelessness and initiating progressive solutions to complex city social problems.