Equity & Inclusion 


We put together a non-exhaustive list of resources including live discussions, videos, books, organizations, profiles, and articles, that we listened to, read, followed, and discussed as a team.



  • Interactive Content on Racial Justice, Change, Equity, and Places
  • Research
  • Twitter accounts to follow
  • Articles on Urban & City Planning + Racial Equity
  • Articles on Housing
  • Articles on Policing
  • Articles on Transport, Mobility & inequalities
  • Podcasts on Policing and Systemic Racism
  • Infographics on Allyship and Racism
  • Art
  • Books to Read
  • Organizations to Donate to


  • Indigenous-led city organizations to follow
  • Creating a land reflection
  • Articles
  • Reports
  • Podcasts
  • Books


Leading by Example

In partnership with the Victoria Foundation, NewCities awarded three microgrants to local organizations, Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness, Food Share Network, and Habitat Acquisition Trust to grow their impact.

Over the course of two days in Victoria, BC, ​Leading by Example brought together 150 city and Indigenous leaders to unpack the challenges cities are facing and their unique power to transform into more equitable, sustainable, resilient places through the SDGs. 



  • Indigenous city planning
  • Gender responsive cities
  • Transforming urban systems through the SDGs
  • Creating a sustainable and inclusive economy 

Wellbeing Cities

2021 Edition 

  • Virtual Programming 
6 podcasts, 5 finalist cities, 3 panels. Learn from international experts about Decarbonized Economy, Connectivity, Healthy Housing, Equity, Public Health, Communities, & more.

Watch the webinars: 

2020 Edition 

  • Virtual Event

Taking place in our most accessible format yet, the Wellbeing Cities Forum went online in 2020, stimulating conversations among more than 500 leaders about how the pandemic has transformed our cities and exposed key equity issues at the core of urban planning.


Watch the panels: 

2019 Edition 

  • Montréal, Québec

During our two-day gathering in the heart of Montreal, 200 multi-sectoral experts from across the world met to explore how prioritizing resident wellbeing in our design and policy can build more inclusive and accessible cities for all.


Key Themes:

  • Ensuring opportunity
  • Gender Inclusive Cities
  • Fostering Community, Fostering Wellbeing
  • Cities for All: Creating Inclusive, Accessible Cities

New Housing Solutions

2020 Edition 

  • Virtual Event

New Housing Solutions LIVE dove into how housing affordability is threatening the life of our cities and communities. Learning from international examples, we uncovered how COVID pandemic is transforming the conversation around urban housing and how organizations and cities are approaching equitable housing moving forward.


Watch the panels: 

2019 Edition 

  • New York City, NY 

Key Themes: 

  • Models for Affordable Housing
  • Balancing Growth and Equity
  • The Future of Cooperatives and Land Trusts

Higher Ground

Building the cities we need for climate change. 


Watch the panels: