Daffney Moore

novembre 21, 2019 — People (fr)

Daffney Moore is the Chief Opportunity Zone Officer with the St. Louis Development Corporation and works to position the city as a leader in utilizing Opportunity Zone investments to support equitable economic development with neighborhood-scaled projects that have a positive impact on residents of Opportunity Zone communities. Moore is an Associate Fellow in Urban Governance for NewCities. As City Manager of East St. Louis, Moore worked to reduce the city’s budget deficit, reduced contracts by $1.5 million, and secured five Opportunity Zones. She is the former City Administrator for the City of Dellwood, Missouri where she had general superintending control of the administration and management of the government, businesses, officers, and employees of the city. Ms. Moore led the ongoing recovery efforts after the Ferguson, Missouri civil unrest and achieved great success in revitalizing the corner of West Florissant & Chambers and areas along the West Florissant Avenue Corridor. Ms. Moore continuously strives to « open doors » for the marginalized communities through volunteerism and advocacy. She works tirelessly to promote the cause of planning in the public arena and to improve equity and inclusion.