Gaël Charbau

Artistic Director, Nuit Blanche, Paris

Born in 1976, France. Gaël Charbau is a writer, art critic and independent curator based in Paris. He founded Particules in 2003, a free and independent art newspaper that he directed until 2010. He is curator for Hermès Foundation and Audi Talents and regularly organises exhibitions in France, Europe and Asia. In 2014, he founded with Laurent Dumas the “Bourse Révélations” award, dedicated to promote young french artists. He was in charge of visual arts at Collège des Bernardins in Paris from 2014 to 2017. Since 2015, He is the artistic advisor for Universcience (Palais de la découverte and Cité des Sciences in Paris). In 2018, he was nominated artistic director of Nuit Blanche, for the 18th edition.