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Software for Collaborative Geodesign

This Global Urban Innovator enables teams to create and share concepts, to design collaboratively, and to receive change-assessments instantly – all in a highly synergetic, efficient and easy to use environment. It is especially effective in the early stages of a complex study or project, when many alternatives must be rapidly created & considered.


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Hrishikesh Ballal has a PhD in Geodesign from the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at University College London. He is the founder of Geodesign Hub and has experience in organizing 130+ projects using Geodesign Hub.

  • What is the main problem your solution/company seeks to address?

“Decisions around management of our cities, regions and communities have serious long-term impacts on the future for the environment, economy and the social fabric. We have built a process and digital tools to support decision making and facilitate negotiations via in-person and now online meetings.”

  • What solution or service do you provide to address the above problem?

“We operate Geodesign Hub & Surveys by Geodesign Hub these tools work together to facilitate complex negotiations to facilitate decision making.”

  • What are a few key findings so far and/or where do you plan to expand in the future?

“The software stack we have built is flexible and has been used in the context of various problems and different scales. These include: Cultural Heritage Protection, Environmental Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Tourism Development, Post-disaster rehabilitation etc. In all of these contexts, decision makers face a common issue in the development of consensus and somehow facilitating negotiations. Without digital support this can take weeks or months of meetings and calls sometimes even more. We have developed basic analytics and logging tools for this process, and we are hoping to expand on this capability to better understand the negotiations process.”

  • Who are your target audience and/or who benefits most from your solution?

“Our primary audience is government agencies, public and private bodies involved at different scales, planning departments, professionals involved in engagement around complex policy and management issues. The software enables engagement and accelerates the process of development of consensus.”



Hrishikesh Ballal joined Holly Hixson, Project Coordinator of our Wellbeing Cities initiative, to discuss how he helps to quantify urban sprawl, and helps city governments make more effective decisions regarding land use.



Geodesign Hub hosted a workshop ‘Facilitating Digital Negotiations for Planning Interventions in Public Space’ at the Wellbeing Cities Forum, NewCities’ flagship event, in September 2020.



We were proud to partner with Geodesign Hub to develop intricate maps featured in our Millennial Dilemma report.