( is a Citizen-to-Government engagement platform thatworks as a social network focused on citizen engagement and as a management tool for government bodies. Citizens can demand services, post issues, suggest urban improvements and new public policies, as well as rate public services in a transparent and collaborative manner. is used by more than 100.000 citizens in Brazil and has more than 50 municipalities, state governments, federal departments and utility companies as clients, helping to create better cities with the collaboration of their citizens. Colab has appeared in more than 10.000 news articles, media publications, TV programs and debates in Brazil. Raised more than $1 million in equity funding from VC and is expected to reach $5 million in revenues in 2015. was an AppMyCity! finalist at the NewCities Summit 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil and is now part of our Global Urban Innovators Alumni.   @Colab_re   @baracaty