Ian Christensen

Managing Director, iMOVE

Ian has been Managing Director of iMOVE Australia since it commenced operations in July 2017. Prior to that, whilst CEO of Excellerate Australia, he led the team that developed the successful bid for iMOVE CRC, as well as overseeing the activities of the Automotive CRC and Automotive Supply Chain Excellence (ASEA) team.

Ian was promoted to CEO of Excellerate Australia (formerly AutoCRC) in January 2014 after four years as General Manager. Prior to this, he managed the operations of another CRC for four years.

Ian has more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, ranging from automotive, paper, polymers, silicone products, and fine chemicals.

His considerable working experience at the interface between industry and research enables him to manage the many stakeholders involved in the transport and mobility space and draw them into the collaborative processes required to address complex problems and capture opportunities.

Ian has a science degree and an MBA, and in addition to working in manufacturing has also had several roles developing and commercialising new technologies.