Jennifer Fix

Associate of Urban Planning and Design, DIALOG

Jennifer Fix is an Associate of Urban Planning and Design at DIALOG, an integrated urban design firm with studios in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and San Francisco. She works with communities of all shapes and sizes on plans for Main Streets, transit streets, waterfronts, neighbourhoods, and entire cities and regions. The common thread tying these projects together is inclusive public engagement, and evidence-based design strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create places for people.

Jennifer’s projects are diverse and have taken her from small town main streets in Western Canada to the National Capital Region in Ottawa-Gatineau. She feels privileged to be invited to work with people in shaping the future of their town and cities; she is constantly learning from these communities about how to question her preconceived notions about what constitutes a good plan, and what constitutes a good planning process.

Jennifer is passionate about the intersection of feminism and city-building, and frequently presents on this topic. She recently served on the Canadian Institute of Planners’ Social Equity Committee, which was tasked with writing a gender equity policy. Jennifer has co-chaired and serves on the Steering Committee for the Province of BC’s Healthy Built Environment Alliance, which brings together professionals in the health and planning fields to research and educate on the links between well-being and urban environments.

Her projects have been honoured with planning excellence awards from the Canadian Institute of Planners, Planning Institute of BC, Union of BC Municipalities, and the Canadian Brownfield Network.