Kevin Wilson

Executive Director, Small Business Empowerment Center

Kevin Wilson is the Executive Director of the Small Business Empowerment Center.  The Small Business Empowerment Center is a Missouri 501c3 Nonprofit Organization sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Empowerment Zone to serve as is a one stop shop to help urban entrepreneurs start and grow their own business enterprise.

For 20 years, Kevin has also been a SBA technical assistance provider; specializing in issues dealing with the urban core.  There he provides technical assistance to small businesses owners and helps prospective borrowers in developing viable loan packages, applying for Empowerment Zone tax credits, and business growth strategies. Before coming to the SBEC he worked for the St. Louis Development Corporation underwriting SBA 504 loans, micro loans and prescreening bonds deals.  Kevin received his undergraduate and Masters Degree from the University of Missouri. Kevin is a certified Economic Development Finance Professional from the National Development Council, certified SBA 504 Loan Packager from the NADCO. Currently, Kevin Wilson is an active member of the US Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

What makes St. Louis a model for other mid-sized cities?

St. Louis is an awesome mid-sized city!  St. Louis is big enough for you to feel like you are having an urban experience; but it’s not so big that you feel lost!  Culturally the City of St. Louis has some of the best amenities city life has to offer.  Venues like the Botanical Garden, The Muny, Forest Park, and the Zoo are award winning sites that everyone can enjoy.  The best thing is; all of those venues are free!  Also, the City of St. Louis is a great place for foodies who like a variety of cuisines.  Finally, the living is reasonable and it is really easy to navigate through this wonderful city.


What do you find most inspiring about your city?

Though St. Louis has its challenges; one thing Covid-19 has shown us is that St. Louisans can come together to make each other’s lives better.  The city is filled with true believers who see a brighter future for themselves and the surrounding metropolitan area!