Mid-Sized Cities


New Urban Champions 

New Urban Champions is the first global initiative to look beyond megacities and focus on small and  medium-sized cities.

The project aims to identify the most successful, but less frequently told, stories of collaboration, growth, and problem solving happening outside of megacities. Using our whole-city approach, New Urban Champions brings cities together to showcase these successes, problem-solve challenges, and collaborate on potential solutions. 

The New Urban Champions work stream includes immersive editorial content from local experts and key thinkers and a series of Learning Expeditions which bring together 30 to 35 participants from around the world to a host city for two days.


  • Columbus, Ohio 

Our first edition took place in Columbus in October 2018 in partnership with ENGIE. 

After winning the first-ever U.S. Department of Transportation’s “Smart City Challenge” in 2016, Columbus has emerged as a model Smart City. City officials attribute their successes to strong collaboration across sectors. We spent two days showcasing successful public-private partnerships, featuring innovative smart city advancements, and detailed how an university campus connects to its urban ecosystem. 


  • St Louis, Missouri 

For this second edition, NewCities teams up with the St. Louis Development Corporation to present St. Louis, Missouri as a New Urban Champion. 

This issue is a voice-driven editorial sparking those tough conversations and opening the floor to honest dialogue; telling the story of St. Louis through the narratives of some of its most inspiring community leaders.



From Curitiba to Melbourne, city officials dive into the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s secondary cities.