September 22, 2020 at T-REX


Opening Remarks
Daffney Moore, Chief Opportunity Zone Officer, St. Louis Development Corporation and Fellow, Urban Governance, NewCities


Lyda Krewson, Mayor, City of St. Louis


Welcome to St. Louis
Otis Williams, CEO, St. Louis Development Corporation


Panel: Setting the Stage


Networking Break


Welcome to T-REX: Our Gigantic Impact on the St. Louis Community


 Experience the T-REX startup incubator, including its brand new Geospatial Center.


Panel: The Geospatial Intelligence Industry in St. Louis
St. Louis has put itself on the map as a world leader in the geospatial intelligence industry as the home to government agencies, leading research and development institutes, globally recognizable brands, and a growing list of impressive start-ups. The growth of geospatial in St. Louis has had significant impacts on job creation, economic output, and the ability to attract and retain both talent and investment. This panel discussion will highlight what these accomplishments mean to St. Louis as a destination, and examine what has, is, and will be done to make sure that the opportunities provided by one of St. Louis' biggest success stories are shared by all.




Panel: Equity of Opportunity: What are the Obstacles?
If the important thing is the obvious thing, then let's go ahead and say it: people living in the same city quite often have completely different life experiences. This is the truth that informs every conversation about inclusion and opportunity. This panel discussion will set the table for the rest of the day with a high-level discussion of the biggest obstacles holding back equitable US cities: scarce affordable housing, point-a to point-b mobility, consumer debt, and high healthcare costs.


Panel: Social Impact and the Redevelopment of North St. Louis
What impacts are Opportunity Zones in St. Louis and across the country having on their communities? Who are these investments benefitting? This panel will convene experts working in Opportunity Zones to discuss the unique challenges they face, and the innovative policies and programs they are working on to make Opportunity Zones work for all.


Keynote Conversation: Investing in People, Investing in Places


Workshop: Ensuring the Impact of Opportunity Zones
Now that participants understand the forces triggering the changing demands on urban space in St. Louis and across the United States, and how such themes as equity, economic development, housing, infrastructure, and mobility all interact to shape our key challenges and solutions, this workshop will hone in on Opportunity Zones.


Networking Reception

September 23, 2020 at Harris-Stowe State University

September 23, 2020 at Harris-Stowe State University


Opening Remarks from Harris-Stowe University


Keynote Conversation: New Economic Opportunities in our Cities


Small Business and Entrepreneurship Showcase
Three TedX style presentations by locally and nationally based entrepreneurs.


Networking Break


Panel: Attracting and Retaining Talent in St. Louis
Home to many universities, this panel will convene leaders from local universities to explore how St. Louis can attract and retain talent and the role that universities can play in the larger urban ecosystem.


Site Visits: North St. Louis
On this site visit, we will head out into the community of North St. Louis to learn firsthand about Opportunity Zones.




Panel: Co-Creating the Future of Equitable Mobility 
Equitable mobility fosters equitable cities: an inclusive transport system is the backbone of an equitable society. Mobility and access shape the lives and wellbeing of everyone. It’s not the act of motion that’s fundamental, but what this movement enables — work, education, opportunities — which in turn creates the economic and social fabric of city, suburban, and rural life. This panel will reflect on the key challenges presented throughout the day regarding housing, real estate, jobs, and community, and will reflect on how equitable mobility access can serve as solutions.


Town Hall Discussion: The Needs of Your City
Participants will be able to share how they have seen various solutions succeed or fail in answering the needs of the local populations in their city, as well as their final thoughts from the event’s discussions.