Dr. Paty Rios

Executive Director

Dr. Paty Rios joined NewCities in September 2021. She is a global leader in promoting wellbeing through the design of the city, applying a human-centered approach and developing participatory engagement opportunities. Designing inclusive and safe spaces where all voices are recognized is foundational to her work as an experienced speaker, published writer, and research specialist.

Paty’s unique multi-lens approach stems from her interdisciplinary background in architecture, urban design, ethnography, and public policy. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Tec of Monterrey in Mexico for developing a participatory and integrative methodology for designing urban parks that promote social cohesion.

Before joining NewCities, Paty was the Housing expert and Research lead at Happy City, where she led the Happy Homes initiative, an action-driven research project to boost social wellbeing in multi-unit housing.

Paty has lectured at the University of Tec of Monterrey in Mexico and currently lectures for the University of British Columbia in Canada, where she developed a framework to enable participatory urban policy.