Citi joins NewCities as First Financial Sector Member

Global bank Citi has joined us as our newest corporate and first financial sector member.

Citi will work with us to address pressing urban financial needs. Together, Citi and the NewCities Foundation will support economic development and the pursuit of sustainable growth and prosperity in cities worldwide.

Citi has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. By joining us as a member, Citi will bring its global expertise on urban challenges in more than 1,000 cities worldwide.

Mathieu Lefevre, Former Executive Director of the NewCities said: “We look forward to working closely with Citi to help urban leaders understand the financing options available to assure their city’s sustainability and competitiveness.”

Ward Marsh, Head of the Municipal Securities Division at Citi, said: “We are extremely pleased to be one of the first financial institutions to join the NewCities Foundation. Urban areas continue to grapple with rising infrastructure costs and constrained financing and we believe it is important to not only engage the community and address these challenges, but present the many opportunities of urbanization.”

Citi also brings its experience in e-government initiatives, helping cities simplify processes, harnessing advancements in digital, mobile and card technologies to improve efficiency and make it easier to live and work in cities.

In addition, Citi will work with us to develop urban finance-related sessions at our flagship event, the annual NewCities Summit.


Press contact:
Thomas Ledwell
Director of Communications
+1 514 987 0029

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