Connected Commuting comes to Verge conference, San Francisco

Can social apps make the urban commute less stressful and more efficient? At the New Cities Foundation we believe they can. We led a Connected Commuting study investigating this very topic. Our study revealed how apps that that connect commuters to real time information about transit and traffic conditions can impact upon commuters and transit systems. Next month, Naureen Kabir, the director of the study, will come to talk about the findings at the Verge conference in San Francisco.

Naureen will be joined by the following representatives from our Connected Commuting Task Force:

  • Alexandre Bayen, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of California at Berkeley

  • Di-Ann Eisnor, Head of Partnerships at Waze, the car commuting app

  • Scott Kolber, CEO of Roadify, the public transport commuter app

  • Manuel Pineda, former Deputy Director of the City of San Jose Department of Transport

Our study revealed the benefits of commuter-focused smartphone apps. How did we work together across our different organizations to build the project? Why is the connected commute a better commute and what does this mean for cities worldwide? These questions will be at the heart of our Connected Commuting panel.

Organized by Greenbiz, Verge is an international event bringing together innovators, entrepreneurs, and leading public officials to explore the opportunities for radical efficiencies created through technology advancements in energy, buildings and transportation. It takes place from 14 – 17 October in downtown San Francisco.

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