NewCities Summit 2017 in Incheon Songdo, Korea to Focus on Urban Wellbeing

  • Incheon Songdo, one of the world’s most successful and most dynamic new cities to host hundreds of global urban leaders from June 7-9, 2017
  • Wide-ranging Summit discussions will look at boosting wellbeing in global cities

Montréal, Canada – November 1, 2016. The NewCities Foundation, a global non-profit working with private and public stakeholders to improve cities around the world, today announced the theme for the NewCities Summit 2017: Thriving Cities: The Building Blocks of Urban Wellbeing.

NewCities believes that to truly thrive, our cities must become healthy ecosystems in which each part works towards one goal: improving people’s quality of life. Creating more livable and sustainable cities is not a new idea. But waves of technological innovation are rapidly creating new possibilities and opportunities to make cities healthier and happier places in which to live. In the ideal urban future, cities will allow urbanites to realize their physical and social potential, giving them a sense of place, connection and inclusion.

The sixth edition of the Summit will gather hundreds of urban leaders from around the globe in Incheon Songdo, one of the world’s most important smart cities. The massive greenfield development, with one of the largest concentrations of LEED-certified buildings in the world, provides the dynamic backdrop for mayors, CEO’s, urban planners, technologists and cultural leaders from over 50 countries to engage in discussions and workshops on the future of cities and those who live in them.

The NewCities Foundation chose Incheon Songdo because of the new city’s deep-rooted commitment to wellbeing. The city is built upon the principles of a sustainable and livable city, a citywide pneumatic waste disposal system and water recycling system and a particularly accessible public transit system. Incheon Songdo has a small carbon footprint and its residents use 40% less energy than those living in cities of a similar size. Sensors placed throughout the city add to efficiency, monitoring the environment and air pollution, while also increasing safety and security for citizens. The city hosts the head offices of the Green Climate Fund, the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development, the Global Green Growth Institute, among other international organizations.

John Rossant, Chairman, NewCities said: “Wellbeing is a theme that ties together the many individual parts of a city. Ultimately, it is a goal and a defining characteristic of a thriving city. The next edition of the NewCities Summit will be extraordinarily important, not only because we will be in a newly developed city that is a model for sustainable urban development, but also because we aim to redefine what urban development aims to achieve – inclusive, thriving and connected communities”

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About the NewCities Summit 2017

The NewCities Summit is the leading global event on urban innovation, taking place next year in Incheon Songdo, June 7-9, 2017. The Summit will convene top entrepreneurs, innovators, policymakers, CEOs, change-makers, investors and thinkers in this domain. The NewCities Summit supports creative, scalable Urban Tech solutions that can be shared and adapted to cities around the world. The event empowers those who are shaping urban innovation, connecting them and encouraging cross-sector partnerships. The Summit features a unique and diverse program, combining thought leadership keynotes, roundtables and interactive workshops surrounding key challenges facing cities, and their solutions.