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NewCities Task Force on e-health: state of the art m-health kit rolled out in Rio favela

Rio de Janeiro – August 3, 2012. On July 31st, the NewCities Foundation’s Task Force on e-health, rolled out the first stage of its project with a training session for the medical teams of the Santa Marta Family Clinic in Rio de Janeiro to familiarize them with the mobile-health kit, an innovation designed by GE Healthcare, that will play an integral role in the deployment of the project.

Doctors and nurses at the clinic were briefed by the creators of this state-of-the-art mobile-health kit on the overall objectives of the Task Force and the design of the kit. The purpose of this kit is to allow for the clinic’s medical teams to deliver care to the homes of the most vulnerable patients of the favela.

The objective of the project is to test whether this technology, connected to the city’s healthcare database, can:

  • Allow for easier access to healthcare for those in need
  • Positively impact health indicators in this pilot community
  • Serve as a cost-effective healthcare delivery solution for this community, the city of Rio and other cities globally
Each participant was invited to test the different tools on co-workers who volunteered to have their blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels measured. Each tool proved to be simple and easy to use and the trainees got a chance to test the potential improvements this innovation could bring to their work and to the life of their patients, in particular the elderly and those with mobility issues.

The training then moved on to the portable electrocardiogram, so simple to use, so intuitive, that in less than an hour, everyone was able to run some tests on one of the doctors who volunteered to act as a test patient.

Of all the components of the m-health kit, the main attraction was the V-scan, a pocket-size ultrasound designed by GE-Healthcare. The doctors had high expectations and they were not disappointed.  The team was able to utilize the V-scan on-site on a patient of the clinic who agreed to allow the team to view her baby on the V-scan. It was a very emotional moment for the participants as they stood with the mother holding the V-scan and looking at the live images of her baby.

Following the first stage of training, the m-health kit was officially handed over to the Family Clinic. The next morning, the m-health kit was already making its first rounds in the favela of Santa Marta, starting a two-week field test that will allow the NCF project team to improve the project’s design and make some technical readjustments before the first proper test period starts.

The initial feedback from patients and doctors was extremely positive; all praised the ease-of-use of the kit and the speed with which they could obtain results.

The Foundation and Task Force members (including the City of Rio’s Secretariat for Healthcare, the local community in Santa Marta, NewCities founding member GE, NCF members Orange and Cisco and the State University of Rio (UERJ) are very excited about this new phase of the Pilot.   The next steps of the project include ensuring live connectivity between the m-health kit and the Family Clinic database thanks to Task Force members Cisco and Orange. More news on this exciting task force will follow in the coming weeks.

For more information on the Task Force, please contact us with any questions.


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