Regina Vaicekonyte, MS

Vice President at Delos

Regina is a healthy buildings expert. Her research focuses on the role that various environmental and behavioral factors play in physical and mental health and well-being, including air and water quality, lighting, material composition, diet, sleep, and physical activity, among others. Regina’s work at Delos informs the evaluation, development and delivery of products and services for commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

Regina holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Columbia University. Her thesis research on prenatal diets and maternal and child health outcomes served as a basis for a book on these topics. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked on a nationwide study at the Research Foundation for SUNY, examining information processing among individuals with and without a family history of alcohol or drug abuse. She earned her Bachelor of Biology at Bard College, where she was a Distinguished Scientist Scholar. Regina’s work has been published in several peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.