Salomé Gueidon

August 5, 2019 — People

Project Manager, NewCities (she/her)

In her role, Salomé manages NewCities’ initiatives from ideation to completion and supports business development efforts to get projects off the ground. Salomé currently leads the Connected Communities and New Urban Champions projects. She is experienced in virtual and in-person workshop facilitation, managed the 2021 Wellbeing Cities Award, and played a key role in both the AI4HealthyCities project and Trois-Rivieres’ Strategic Plan.

Salomé brings a background in International Affairs and a commitment to equity and environmental sustainability. Prior to joining the team in 2019, she completed a Masters in Public and International Affairs and a Bachelor’s in Political Science and  International Studies from the University of Montréal. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.