Securaxis | Global Urban Innovator 

Sound Analytics For Smart Cities

Securaxis combines acoustic signal processing with deep learning and data science to turn sounds into useful information and actionable insights. Their work has been deployed across Europe to improve traffic monitoring, intelligent lighting, and noise measurement in real time. 




Gaetan Vannay is the co-founder of Securaxis, a Swiss startup developing safety & security solutions by leveraging new technologies, with a focus on Acoustic & Artificial Intelligence to add the missing component to smart cities: the hearing, by monitoring sounds.

  • What is the main problem your solution/company seeks to address?

“Cities are getting bigger and road traffic is increasing; we need to monitor, manage and mitigate its various negative impacts such as noise pollution, increase in road lighting, electric consumption, and road congestion.”

  • What solution or service do you provide to address the above problem?

“SONAL is a patented sounds analytics software allowing to monitor traffic thanks to sounds emitted by vehicles. It allows for counting, detection, categorization (incl. EV) of vehicles, indication of direction and speed of traffic, measurement in real time of the level of noise. It can be used for various applications such as traffic management, smart street lighting, and noise monitoring.”

  • Who are your target audience and/or who benefits most from your solution?

“Our target audience are Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) and system integrators involved in smart city and traffic solutions, however, cities and citizens are who benefit most from our solution.”



Securaxis hosted a workshop, “Do You Listen to Your City?” at the 2020 Wellbeing Cities Forum, gathering 60 international experts from all sectors to develop actionable insights into how sounds can be viewed as a valuable asset for smart cities rather than a nuisance. Geodesign Hub hosted a workshop ‘Facilitating Digital Negotiations for Planning Interventions in Public Space’ at the Wellbeing Cities Forum, NewCities’ flagship event, in September 2020.


In July 2020, NewCities and Securaxis were proud to present “The Soundtrack to Our Cities,” an editorial series exploring how our auditory senses shape how we navigate an urban environment. Leveraging Securaxis’ expertise, we uncovered the power of sound and how cities can unlock this often forgotten layer of experience.