Steven Hearn

President, Scintillo (Gaité Lyrique, Le troisième pôle, Incubateur Créatis)

Steven Hearn began his career in cultural strategy and launched le Troisième Pôle in 2000, following studies in economics, politics and art history. Steven has also been in charge of the public programing of the Gaîté Lyrique (a centre for cultures of the digital age) since 2008. In 2010, he brought together all his initiatives (cultural, social and digital laboratories; cultural facilities, concert halls, cinemas, media) into one single structure, Scintillo, in order to pool expertise and funds. Scintillo launched Créatis in 2011, an incubator for cultural entrepreneurs. On 25 June, 2014, Steven presented his report on the development of cultural enterprises in France to the leading politicians Aurélie Fillippetti, Fleur Pellerin and Arnaud Montebourg.