Transitioning Cities

How can we reappropriate space to meet the evolving needs of urban populations?

November 8, 2021 |  A NewCities & ArchDaily collaboration with Bouygues Construction


Before diving into the conversation, let's start by defining four crucial principles that help cities respond to community needs while limiting urban sprawl and minimizing the environmental impact of new construction.


adapting an existing space for a new use, imagine transforming that old warehouse into a new housing co-op!


envisioning the full cycle of a prospective build and planning ahead for future uses. Could these offices ever be transformed into a co-working space—or even a cafe somewhere down the line?


Urban diversity

– is the presence of many different outlets and services within close proximity. Can I get a haircut and go to the post office in the same block?


– is where several businesses share the same space at different hours of the day or during different days of the week. Check out this example by the startup Garage, where they transform offices into a flower market on weekends!


Watch the conversation to learn more 

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The Report 

Flip through the pages of the latest Bouygues Construction report to learn more about transitioning urban spaces.