Tweet Chat Recap: Cities on the Move

Where is mobility headed next?  To find out, we hosted a Tweet Chat on November 2, 2016 and were joined by transport stakeholders from across the globe.  Over the course of one hour, we unpacked the transport transformation happening in our cities focusing on sustainability, innovation, affordability and accessibility.

Cities on the Move: Tweet Chat Highlights

What is the biggest mobility challenge keeping you up at night?

GPS report predicts $59T needed for infrastructure investment over next 15 yrs

Infra is rigid & takes decades to build but cities are dynamic and evolving. Can we keep up? @fengyuanliu

The application of deep learning to sensor-rich robotic ecosystem leading to 100% autonomous swarms for various industries. @PulkitJaiswl

What is the single biggest, most exciting innovation in the last year?

The growing collaboration at local level between traditional public transport and new mobility services providers. @jp_uitp

Self-driving buses are already operating daily in CH, on open-roads as part of the regular transport system. @BestMile

What radical changes should cities implement now to achieve equitable transport?

Simplest solution: better buses! People in transit deserts need frequent, reliable bus service before bike-sharing. @Greg_Lindsay

Radical shift away from fluff projects like bike sharing or street cars, until core mobility is solved. @NotMattGeorge

Last mile solutions are still in need of improvements to make mobility more equitable. Great transit w/ 30 min walk fails. @avanky

How do we get transport emissions to zero?

Taking a Well to Wheel perspective in choosing propulsion technology. @jp_uitp

Will never happen until the “last-mile solution” is walking. Every time. @Greg_Lindsay

Which mobility innovations are making the biggest waves in affordability?

Closing 1st mile/last mile gap. Encouraging non-automotive mobility. Make transit convenient, easy to use. @TransLoc

Multi-modal services with a unique ticketing system. @BestMile

Ride-hailing and public transit *can be* a power combo — if they are integrated. @joshwhiton

How do you see connected mobility making a difference for marginalized communities?

Mapping invisible informal networks (e.g. jeepneys, mattes, dollar vans) is big first step toward acknowledging legitimacy. @Greg_Lindsay

Increased flexibility! Dependent riders have more options and are less dependent on one mode of transit. @TransLoc

Featured guests included:

  • Greg Lindsay, Connected Mobility Senior Fellow, NewCities, @Greg_Lindsay
  • Citi, @Citi
  • Feng-Yuan Liu, Director, Data Science Division, Government Technology Agency of Singapore, @fengyuanliu
  • Pulkit Jaiswal, CEO and Founder, SwarmX, @PulkitJaiswl
  • Jerome Pourbaix, Director Regional Offices and Services, UITP, @jp_uitp
  • Joshua Whiton, Founder, Transloc, @joshwhiton
  • BestMile, @BestMile
  • Anthony Vanky, Partner Strategist and Researcher, MIT Senseable City Lab, @avanky
  • Matthew George, CEO, Bridj, @NotMattGeorge

Thank you!

Thanks to all of our featured guests, and to the many others that joined in on Twitter. We hope you’ll join us again for our next Tweet Chat session. For a full perspective on the conversation, check out our post on Storify.

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