Tweet Chat Recap: The Age of Urban Tech

We hosted an explosive conversation on the Age of Urban Tech on Thursday, June 16. Over the course of one hour, we invited a diverse group of thinkers, technology leaders and entrepreneurs from across the world to share there insights on the next urban wave of change set to impact cities.

The Age of Urban Tech: Tweet Chat Highlights

What does “The Age of Urban Tech” mean to you?

For me it’s about using tech to unlock ideas & resource. @spacehive we’re using tech to democratise the way we shape cities. @chris_gourlay

Urban Tech = how cities leverage Tech + Data + Effective Leadership + Engaged Citizens to make cities better for all  @JoshMoskowitz

Age of Urban Technology is the seamless integration of technology to improve the lives of citizens. @ChasinArv

Is Urban Tech bringing about greater collaboration in cities? How are you using tech to engage with urbanites/city government?

Urban tech brings interactivity between people & cities and expands the sense of a place to a multi-purpose engaging environment. @e_strawberry

Access to an incredible wealth of information previously siloed is improving experiences & reducing friction. @ryanjmullenix

Failure to engage people in the planning and implementation phases can lead to delayed or blocked initiatives. @stefhuf

What can cities do to encourage entrepreneurship innovation in urban technology?

I strongly believe Urban Tech is causing collaborations in cities, causing pivotal changes.From mobility to wellness to environment. @boluwaji0

What can cities do to grow entrepreneurs in urban tech? Make it clear what you want & need & provide space to test, pilot play. @tpap_

How has technology changed how we move through our cities? Where do you see technology and mobility making strides in the future?

Apps like Waze & Uber are critical to moving around cities – amazing to think we lived in a world without them @ChasinArv

Where do you see tech & mobility making strides in the future? Shared electric connected & automated is going to revolutionize it! @tpap_

Solutions like @CitibikeNYC + apps + public policy + public interest are all key to transforming urban mobility @Citi

Tech is opening up a new world through the sharing economy, but is it encouraging greater trust among city-dwellers?

Trust is earned. Cities need to demonstrate positive action & measurable results. @AristosGlobal

Trust is tough one, how measure it? Goal should be for citizens to trust the technology, each other and the local government.@asnowhite

The sharing economy brings us closer together…sharing anything – public space, bikes, cars, etc – humanizes us and fosters trust. @SarahKMoser

What recent urban innovation is set to transform urban life?

Solar tech + reimagining public space could bring world’s 1st underground park @lowlinenyc  

An exiting cooperation for sustainable public transport in Gothenburg. @EricssonCities

Featured Guests Included:

  • Anil Menon, President, Smart+Connected Communities and Deputy Chief Globalization Officer, Cisco, @Anil_Cisco
  • Stephanie Huf, Head of Marketing & Communication, Ericsson Industry & Society, @stefhuf
  • Arvind Satyam, Managing Director Business Development, Smart+Connected Communities, Cisco, @ChasinArv
  • Joshua Moskowitz, Director, Global Public Affairs, Citi, @Citi
  • Andrew Snowhite, Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, Gale International, @asnowhite
  • Ryan Mullenix, Design Partner and Architect, NBBJ, @ryanjmullenix
  • Michael Osburn, Managing Director, Aristos Global, @AristosGlobal
  • Sarah Moser, Urban and Cultural Geography Professor, McGill University, @SarahKMoser
  • Chris Gourlay, Founder, Space Hive, @Spacehive
  • Aaron Lander, Founder and CEO, PopUpsters, @PopUpsters
  • Boluwaji Oyewumi, Head of Business Development, Wecyclers, @realwecyclers
  • Tijana Manitasevic, Head of Corporate Communications, Strawberry Energy, @e_strawberry

Thank you!

Thanks to all of our featured guests, and to the many others that joined in on Twitter. We hope you’ll join us again for our next Tweet chat session. For a full view of the conversation, check out our post on Storify.

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