Aziza Akhmouch

Head of Division, Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development, OECD

Nicole Badstuber

Researcher in Urban Transport and Infrastructure, University of Cambridge

François Bausch

Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Government of Luxembourg

Matthieu Besson

Strategic Partnerships and Institutional Relationships - Solutions for Cities and Territories, ENGIE

Matthieu Boussard

PhD Lead Scientist,
craft ai

Catriona Brady

Head of Better Places for People, World Green Building Council

Richard Bruce

Director of Energy, Technology and Innovation, UK Department for Transport

Nic Cary

Founder and Director, Waysphere

Emmanuel Davidenkoff

Editor, Le Monde

Benjamin Delaux

Founder and President, HABX

Claire Falzone

CEO, Nova Veolia

Yann Françoise

Head of Climate, Energy and Circular Economy Strategies, City of Paris

Benoît Georges

Head of Ideas & Debates Department, Les Echos

Timothy Gribaudi

Director, CoMotion Initiative, NewCities

Erwin Guizouarn

CEO, Evolution Energie

Ben Hawes

Associate Director, Connected Places Catapult

Grégoire Jauvion

Lead Data Scientist, Plume Labs

Tariq Kaddoura

Founder and CEO, Metabuild

Stephane Kirkland

Director Buildings France, Arcadis

Grégory Labrousse

Founder, nam.R

Jean-Marc Lazard

Founder and CEO, OpenDataSoft

Cécile Maisonneuve

President, La Fabrique de la Cité

Thierry Mallet

CEO, Transdev

Renata Mele

Head of Strategy at
e-City – Enel X

Glenn Meleder

CEO, SecurAxis

Mohamed Mezghani

Secretary General, International Association of Public Transport (UITP)

Jean-Louis Missika

Deputy Mayor for Town Planning, Architecture, Greater Paris projects, Economic Development and Attractiveness, City of Paris

Silke Obst

Member of the Cabinet of Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc

Pierre Peyretou

Program Manager, DataCity

François Pitti

Group Director, Strategic Marketing, Bouygues Construction

Priya Prakash

Founder & CEO, Design for Social Change (D4SC)

John Rossant

Chairman, NewCities Foundation

Göknur Sirin

CEO and Co-Founder, GeoTwin

Alexandre Stora

Manager of Anova, Quantmetry

Fabien Tschirhart

CTO & Co-Founder, GeoTwin

Sébastien Turbot

Executive Director, NewCities

Cécile Wendling

Group Head of Foresight, Axa

Damon Wischik

Fellow, Alan Turing Institute

Mechthild Wörsdörfer

Director, International Energy Agency