urbAIn in Toronto

15 January 2019, Toronto, Canada

The next edition of urbAIn will convene in Toronto, where AI is revolutionizing life in cities, impacting such areas as economic opportunity, civic engagement, healthcare, mobility, and sustainability. International and local public officials and leaders in AI innovation will converge to showcase their initiatives and start key discussions on the potential of AI in cities and how it is already making an impact.

The event will take place over a day long program, convening public officials, entrepreneurs, and other experts on cities and AI to discuss the impact of AI on urban life and examine case studies of how cities are using AI.

Throughout the event, we will:

Debate: A tailored selection of high-level speakers from across sectors will lead discussions.
Showcase: Look at current examples of cities incorporating AI in their services
Learn: Thematic sessions will explore the relationship between AI and cities with 8-10 participants each
Connect: Interactive activities will bring experts, entrepreneurs, city leaders together with opportunities for networking and partnership building

For more information about attending this event, please contact Hannah McCasland, Events Assistant, hannah.mccasland@newcities.org.