UrbAIn: Artificial Intelligence Shaping City Life

March 13, 2019 — Events

Event Series


For two years, NewCities led three events to focus an AI-based solutions and how they transform cities.

Our urbAIn event series gathered 100-150 city leaders and innovators to explore the many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) is changing city life.

To truly engage with and embrace these innovations in cities, we wanted to demonstrate the opportunities that lay in AI, design a framework of implementation, and bring the necessary actors into the conversation.


  • explore the existing solutions and prospects of urban AI – and evaluate their limits;
  • create a space for tech companies, service providers, public officials, civil society, and academics to work hand in hand;
  • define the ideal ecosystem enabling the successful integration of AI in cities.


  • How can AI foster urban resilience and help cities mitigate climate change?
  • How is AI powering cleantech to help create more energy efficient cities and buildings?
  • How can AI transform the way we move through cities and reduce GHGs?
  • How is AI innovating and improving city services and policies and how they are delivered?
  • How can we build trust and ensure privacy?