The Wellbeing Cities Forum will be held at Centre des Sciences, Montréal, Canada.


How to get there

Participants should head for the Old Port of Montreal, where the Wellbeing Cities Forum venue, the Centre des Sciences, is located.

Centre des Sciences is located at the foot of St.Laurent Blvd., corner of de la Commune St. 

The nearest metro station is Place-d'Armes.

From Montréal Airport:

Express Bus: The trip takes about 45 minutes by express 747 Bus. Tickets can be purchased at the vending machines in the arrivals hall. Please find the schedule and route information here.

By Taxi: There are taxis available outside the arrivals hall, the trip will take about 30 minutes and cost between $40 - $50 CAD. Uber is also available.

Attend the Wellbeing Cities Forum

There is a registration fee to attend the Wellbeing Cities Forum. We are offering special rates for startups, nonprofits, academics, public officials.

Please click here to request a special rate.

To purchase a regular price ticket, click here.

Visa Policy

If you are required to obtain a visa before traveling to Montréal we can assist you in providing a visa invitation letter. Please find more information on entry requirements here.