Wellbeing City Award

Recognizing cities committed to urban wellbeing

We believe humans should be at the heart of our thinking on the future of cities. Wellbeing is a multifaceted notion — it allows urban planners to build comprehensive and inclusive policies. More and more, cities put the emphasis on their citizens’ experience of the urban space. They deserve to be recognized, rewarded — and to inspire others.

This Award recognizes cities that place their citizens’ wellbeing at the center of urban policy.

It puts cities that are committed to wellbeing on the global stage to tell their story, share best practices to inspire and to be replicated.

The Award creates a global standard and encourages further engagement in wellbeing.

It serves as the meeting ground for a community of urban changemakers committed to promoting wellbeing.

For more information about the Wellbeing City Award, please write to: wellbeing@newcities.org.

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If you believe in promoting wellbeing as the measurement of success of for a city, and you would like to join us in awarding those cities that demonstrate commitment to their residents’ quality of life – please get involved! There are partnership, media and sponsorship opportunities available. For more information, please reach out to Esther Perrin, Project Coordinator at NewCities: esther.perrin@newcities.org.