2020 Wellbeing Cities Award

Moving from Smart Cities to Wellbeing Cities

The Wellbeing Cities Award Ceremony will take place during the Wellbeing Cities Forum on September 15-16, 2020 at Centre Phi, Montréal.

Facing tomorrow’s challenges, cities worldwide benefit from putting wellbeing at the heart of their approach. We see planning and policy making more inclined to public health investments, efforts to promote diverse and cohesive communities together with sustainable environments, and stronger local economies.

The Wellbeing Cities Award recognizes those initiatives by offering a powerful global platform to tell their story and inspire others. Cities apply in January to be considered for the Award. The finalists will be announced shortly, and the laureates will be revealed at the annual Wellbeing Cities Forum on September 15-16, in Montréal, QC, where they will meet a global network of leaders committed to urban wellbeing.


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If you believe in wellbeing as a measurement of a city’s success, and would like to join us in recognizing those cities that demonstrate commitment to their residents’ quality of life – please get involved. There are partnership, media and sponsorship opportunities available. For more information about supporting the Wellbeing Cities Award and Forum, please write to: wellbeing@newcities.org.

Featured photo by Tom Sekula on Unsplash.