Bogotá, Colombia


Bogotá’s initiative Ciclovía is a multi-sectoral community program aimed at decreasing inequality and addressing socio-economic problems, public health, and environmental issues. On every Sunday and public holiday, they free up space on the mains streets of Bogotá from motorized vehicles, creating “the largest temporary park in the world.” Here, they host a range of activities aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of people and the environment. The space is open to all residents to take part in physical activity and cultural events. Some of the activities include walking, jogging, biking, skating, and classes taught by trained instructors. The cordoned off street runs through neighborhoods of low and high socioeconomic status and is connected to neighborhood and metropolitan parks. In 2017, an average of 1.5 million residents participated in each Ciclovía event.

"Bogotá is a city where all its citizens can reach their full human potential to lead happy and fulfilling lives. We have advanced in this ambitious goal by using urban planning to democratize public space with the aim that citizens of diverse means and lifestyles meet as equals and access the city’s infrastructure to advance in their personal goals."

Dr. Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor, Bogotá, Colombia