Laureate cities will have a chance to:

  • Be part of a global conversation on a key urban issue. Applying to the award will spark enriching discussions not only within the Laureate Cities but also with others around the world;
  • Inspire and be inspired by what others are doing around the world. NewCities will produce a report compiling case studies from various applicants and sharing best practices, lessons learnt and replicable initiatives;
  • Showcase their city’s most inspiring initiatives on a global stage during a major international event on urban innovation;
  • Partake in an extensive global media campaign in the following year arranged by NewCities (e.g. media trips to be organized in laureate cities);
  • Access NewCities’ extensive network of urban leaders worldwide, and be invited to speak at relevant urban innovation events to be organized by NewCities and partners;

Additionally, the application process is immensely valuable in itself. Applicants will be guided by prompts and questions that provide a framework to reflect on the complex notion of wellbeing – and the variables that make a healthy city. The application process encourages applicants to connect the dots between various initiatives (health, safety, inclusion etc.) and shines a new light on how they relate to urban wellbeing. The application process provides a self-audit opportunity for your city.

Lastly, international recognition of the laureate cities’ commitment to wellbeing will reinforce civic pride as well as attract residents, tourists and investors.