What Are We Looking For?

The Wellbeing City Award recognizes cities’ commitment to wellbeing and their successful initiatives to put wellbeing at the heart of urban policy.

We invite applicant cities to demonstrate a thoughtful, long-term and comprehensive definition of wellbeing at large and ongoing progress in the wellbeing of their citizens.

We are looking to be inspired by cities’ successful and innovative initiatives that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the urban space. These initiatives are models of excellence and practice that serve as  inspiration for others to improve wellbeing in their cities through innovation and creative action.

They can be led by local organizations or residents, HOWEVER, the city government must be involved in an official capacity in the project, either by providing funding, support or by mandating the project.

The ideal project would be an ongoing, innovative and successful initiative that:

  • Has an excellent record of proven success;
  • Is financially sustainable;
  • Has a clear plan for the project’s future objectives and development;
  • Is scalable and replicable in other contexts and regions of the world;
  • Has a clear understanding and knowledge of:
        its innovative nature;
        its distinctiveness within its sphere of action, and;
        the type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries;
  • Is inclusive of all stakeholders in its conception and implementation;
  • Demonstrates a comprehensive, context-based reflection on wellbeing and a clear commitment to improving the lives of all residents.

More information will be posted soon.