Cities can submit applications across four categories:

  • Public Health
  • Sustainable Environment
  • Community
  • Economic Opportunity

In addition to the winners of each category, one overall winner will be chosen by the Jury across all finalists as the best application.



The Award seeks to recognize cities that are leveraging a holistic approach to urban wellbeing. 

Applicant cities will be asked to present one or several initiatives that have reached or are close to reaching their outlined objectives of urban wellbeing. Those initiatives should be financially sustainable and have a clear plan for future development and upcoming objectives. Successful cities will have demonstrated a clear reflection on the specific needs of their city, and a clear commitment to further improving wellbeing for all citizens. 

Therefore, applications will be evaluated along the following criteria:

  • Achievement: The application demonstrates a strong strategy and a comprehensive understanding of its initiative’s impact.
  • Inclusivity: The local population and stakeholders have been actively engaged in the conception and implementation of the initiative.
  • Leadership: The initiative demonstrates an innovative, holistic view of urban wellbeing and clear understanding of co-benefits.
  • Inspiration: The initiative is scalable and the application demonstrates efforts to share best practices with other city leaders.