Wellbeing Cities Hub


The concept

The Wellbeing Cities Hub aims to connect our global network of cities, members, and partner organizations. It serves as a knowledge-sharing and support tool for urbanists committed to advancing wellbeing.


The format

The Hub is an instant messaging platform allowing its members to share news and best practices, share or look for funding or partnership opportunities, and connect with our urban wellbeing ecosystem.


What’s in it for you?

Join the Hub for an unprecedented opportunity to connect with a global community of professionals working daily on urban wellbeing.

  • Interact directly and create lasting relations with a worldwide network of local government leaders and urban professionals.
  • Use polls, chats, and share documents to collaborate and share best practices with your peers, and access new partnership and development opportunities.
  • Access leading research and publications, events, and dedicated workshops tailored by NewCities or other members.
  • Promote your work through dedicated channels and regular members’ calls and amplify your reach in a targeted community.

Becoming a member

The Hub is free for local government professionals, and open to other urban experts through partnership opportunities. To join the Hub or to learn more, write to wellbeing@newcities.org.