Rights-Based Housing for Refugees

octobre 24, 2022 — The Big Picture

This year, for the first time ever, the number of people forcibly displaced from their homes passed the 100 million mark.

Whether fleeing political unrest, persecution, or forced to relocate due to climate change, migrants often struggle to find housing in the places they find refuge due to increasingly inaccessible and unaffordable housing markets.

Currently, a gap exists between government commitments to human-rights law, including the right to adequate housing, and the deployment of effective policies and programs to shelter those most at risk. Additionally, efforts to resettle and integrate migrants often work in isolation from the housing sector. So how can the urban community work together to ensure housing security for a surge in newcomers? 

In this issue, we bring together the perspectives of various actors involved in the resettlement and integration of refugees to advance progressive policies, programs, and designs that ensure all individuals are housed safely and with dignity. 

Seeking Home: Afghan Resettlement Demonstrate Barriers to Affordable Housing and Potential Solutions

By Hannah Presser and Chuni Lu, The International Rescue Committee

Why Cities are Best Placed to Provide Homes for Refugees: The Medellín Model

By Samer Saliba and Helen Elizabeth Yu, The Mayors Migration Council

As Skyrocketing Rents Leave Refugees with Nowhere to Go, The Human Right to Housing is Needed More than Ever

By Kirsten McRae, The Shift

Cities Have the Duty to Act on the Human Right to Housing – And the Tools to Do It, Too

By Elizabeth McIsaac, Maytree

Unsheltered Homelessness – America’s Own Refugee Crisis

By Amy King, Pallet

Fostering An Innovative Ecosystem for Inclusive Community Building with Refugee Citizens

By Jan Braat and Niene Oepkes, Municipality of Utrecht

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