WBC 2019 Winner | Pune, India

février 1, 2019 — Programmes

Pune, India

202019 Category Winner Economy and Opportunity

The Lighthouses of Pune is a sustainable livelihood program for urban disadvantaged youth, aiming to foster workplace competencies and enhancing skills that will allow the pursuit of a meaningful career. Each of the 15 ward offices in Pune will have a Lighthouse center, where a holistic approach to skill development and employment is used at each of the Lighthouse centers to unleash social and economic transformation in their surrounding communities, businesses and local government.

« Our vision is to become one of the most liveable cities in India by solving core infrastructure issues in a ‘future-proof” manner, keeping its citizens at the core, and by making neighbourhoods clean, green, beautiful and liveable. »

Mukta Tilak Mayor Pune, India

The Lighthouse in Pune: Social and Economic Development of Low-Income Communities 
by Rubal Agarwal, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation