NUC 2021 | St Louis: A New Urban Champion

January 22, 2021 — Highlight, Projects & Programs

St. Louis
A New Urban Champion

New Urban Champions is an initiative created to showcase the most successful, but less frequently told stories of collaboration, growth, and problem-solving happening in mid-sized cities that deserve a greater share of the spotlight.

NewCities convened its first New Urban Champions Learning Expedition in Columbus, Ohio in October 2018. For this second edition, NewCities teams up with the St. Louis Development Corporation to present St. Louis, Missouri as a New Urban Champion. This issue is a voice-driven editorial sparking those tough conversations and opening the floor to honest dialogue; telling the story of St. Louis through the narratives of some of its most inspiring community leaders.

Otis Williams

Trust: A Bridge to an Equitable Future

Joshua McKenzie

Thriving in St. Louis

Aaron Thomas

Revitalizing Communities from Within

Alesha Henley

St Louis – Inspiring “Newcomers”

LaShana Lewis

Crossing the Divide in Racial, Gender Inequities in Organizations

Michelle Tucker

Community Collaborations: Nonprofits Helping to Forge the Way

Zekita Armstrong Asuquo

5 ways Employers Can Guarantee an Inclusive Geospatial Workforce

Leonard L. Johnson

All of Us: Together

Kevin Wilson

COVID-19: Extinction Level Event for Black Owned Businesses

Sarah Cowart

Making Inclusive Growth a Reality

Veta Jeffery

Be The Change You Are Looking To See

Pastor Andre Alexander

Transformation In Forgotten Spaces

Antionette Cousins

Stronger Together: Working together to Accomplish More

Marcus Howard

Culturally Competent Pharmacies May Be The Answer to Pandemic Response

Erica Henderson

Power, Alignment, and Amplification

Sarah Hobson

How to Do Your Part in Your School, Company, or Government Agency

Michael McMillan

Fertile Ground: Achieving Equity in Development Starts with How We View Neglected Neighborhoods

Maranda Witherspoon Richardson

Black Funders of St. Louis

Jason Hall

Greater St. Louis, Inc.’s GeoFutures Initiative: Working to Drive Inclusive Growth

Bruce Katz

STL 2030 Jobs Plan: Driving a Decade of Inclusive Growth

Terence Finley

Harris-Stowe State University: Committed to Excellence in Leadership, Services and Academics

St. Louis Art Place Initiative

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