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Repaying the Urban Carbon Debt is an Opportunity to Invest in Nature

Nov 28, 2022

By George P.R. Benson and Tamsin Mills The loss of nature, particularly biodiversity, and climate change are intimately linked. As recent scientific and technical reports from the IPCC and others have made clear, these twin crises cannot be addressed in silos. In some cases, sadly, the efforts to tackle challenges in one area have been pitted…

Making Space For Justice

Nov 23, 2022

On a recent episode of threesixtyCITY, Associate Professor in Architectural Design at the University of Melbourne, Janet McGraw, spoke with multi-clan descendant, Elder, and activist Uncle Gary Murray. 

Inhabiting The Night – Preparing Cities For Extreme Heat 

Aug 24, 2022

By Lance Jay Brown and Leni Schwendinger  This summer, even more than last, people around the world suffered the consequences of a warming world. From an exceptionally early start to the heat waves in India to lethal bouts of extreme heat in Western countries, including the UK, Spain, and France. Countries and cities across climate regions are choosing to adapt…

2022 Summer Reading List

Aug 19, 2022

2022 Summer Reading List 10 Books To Expand Your Knowledge On Cities Whether you are sitting at a café, in a park, or at the beach, the summer season is a great time to catch up on reading and cultivate new knowledge. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite summer reads, written by innovative…

Blue Carbon and Urban Resilience

Jun 22, 2022

As coastal cities around the world determine their climate mitigation and adaptation plans, an important nature-based solution must be considered: Blue Carbon.  Much has been written about this topic in the academic and NGO spheres; however, its recent introduction into the mainstream conversation reflects its growing importance in city planning, financing, and operations.  This is…

The Importance Of Biodiversity In Cities

Jun 13, 2022

By Margo Berthier How to foster healthy habitats for the species living in our urban areas Before delving into the nitty-gritty of green cities, we must first understand why the preservation of biodiversity is crucial in a global context to help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Biodiversity is the variety of all life on Earth, encompassing…

From The Ground Up: Local Efforts To Create Resilient Cities

Mar 23, 2022

We caught up with the Co-Founder of Studio for Urban Projects and author Alison Sant to talk about her recently published book From the Ground Up. Listen to the conversation on our threesixtyCITY podcast or read an excerpt from the book below. Our conversation covers: How to converge bottom-up and top-down efforts—forging healthy relationships between…

Workshop Reflections: Gender Inclusive Transport

Dec 02, 2021

Researchers and urban experts around the world agree: transportation is not gender-neutral. NewCities gathered professionals from the transportation industry to dive into gender inclusive transport. Our key goals were to explore barriers to mobility that exist for women, ideate possible solutions to address these barriers in practice, and contemplate how collaboration among sectors and stakeholders can contribute to a more inclusive transport system at large.

Five Questions For Our New Infrastructure Fellow

Nov 08, 2021

Meet Mike Bloomberg, our new Public Infrastructure Fellow. Mike is the founder of Groundwork Data, an infrastructure data consultancy focused on grid resilience and electrification. He previously served as the Urban Technology Researcher for the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York City where he co-authored Rebooting NYC: An Urban Tech Agenda, and led the research…

A Pledge For Women In Mobility

Oct 14, 2021

We invited UITPANZ Executive Director Michelle Batsas to lead a conversation with Mobility XX Co-founder Laura Chace about increasing the number of women in decision-making roles so that mobility systems reflect the travel needs and patterns of women. The conversation is now available as a podcast on both NewCities' threesixtyCITY and UITPANZ's Women Who Move Nations.

Biophilia and Urban Wellness

Jul 06, 2021

Biophilia is the innate human connection to nature, and cities around the world are discovering that it is more than just a feel-good notion. Creating experiences of nature in the urban environment has measurable physiological, psychological, and economic benefits. Streetscapes, parks, rooftops, and stormwater systems all offer opportunities for meaningful connections to nature. By Andrew Snowhite and William Browning.