Curridabat, Costa Rica

Curridabat a Sweet City

The Sweet City initiative approaches city development in an all-encompassing manner to ensure a balanced relationship with nature, community members - the fauna and flora - , and to enhance resilience.    

The Sweet City’s vision recognizes pollinators- especially native bees being the guardians of plants, trees, and soil- as the center of urban design. By reframing the role of pollinators and recognizing them as native inhabitants, Sweet City overcomes the long-lived antagonism between the city and nature that has characterized traditional urban development. The concept derives from the certainty that a city designed to improve the way pollinators experience an urban environment will become abundant, diverse, robust, comfortable, colorful, and well organized.

Through this vision, urban developments, activities, and initiatives contribute to making Sweet City a reality.

* Disclosure: The Wellbeing Cities Award’s laureates and finalists were selected prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil rights protests. In the light of these new events, our events team is working to reflect these crucial changes in the program of the Wellbeing Cities Forum.

All photos sent by Curridabat, Costa Rica.