We always have a few things on the go.
Find out where the NewCities team is currently focusing their time and energy. 

  • Connected Communities: For a Healthy and Inclusive Montréal

    Connected Communities: For a Healthy and Inclusive Montréal

    Our most recent initiative on urban wellbeing, Connected Communities explores local and community solutions that are improving urban health, strengthening residents’ feelings of pride and belonging, and responding to challenges faced by the region of Montréal in housing, mobility, and food security.

  • Transitioning Cities Towards a Nature-Based Future

    Transitioning Cities Towards a Nature-Based Future

    A 2-day event to strengthen our collective knowledge and capacity to plan and design cities with nature. Around the world, cities are stepping up to the fight against climate change through ambitious commitments to decarbonize urban areas. Centering nature-based solutions and increasing blue and green spaces within urban landscapes not only boosts the ability of cities to act as powerful carbon sinks but offers a multitude of co-benefits for people, creating more resilient, healthy, and equitable places in the process. 

  • New Housing Solutions

    New Housing Solutions

    Our housing initiative, “New Housing Solutions” is dedicated to understanding the challenges posed by the complex nature of urban housing across the world and exploring innovations in affordability, community, and health.

  • NewCities’ Masterclass Series

    NewCities’ Masterclass Series

    Dive deeper into the latest urban issues with some of the world’s leading contemporary experts. This professional training program provides an insider’s guide to successful projects and policies shaping cities across the globe. It’s designed to inspire, educate, provoke debate, and offer both novel conceptual frameworks and practical tools for city-makers while addressing urban issues from a transdisciplinary and systemic lense.

  • New Urban Champions

    New Urban Champions

    New Urban Champions is an initiative created to showcase the most successful, but less frequently told stories of collaboration, growth, and problem-solving happening in cities that deserve a greater share of the spotlight. Our upcoming edition will take place in Florence in Februrary 2023.