A NewCities Podcast

As part of our commitment to shaping a healthier, more inclusive and resilient urban future, our podcast shines light on promising solutions and opportunities to address some of today’s most pressing challenges in city-making and design. 

Every week we sit down with thought leaders and changemakers to discuss forward thinking ideas and trends driving innovation in cities. From public officials and community organizers to social innovators and ground-breaking researchers, our guests have one thing in common: they experience, understand, and contribute to urban life in meaningful ways.

Episode 58

Making Space For Justice with Uncle Gary Murray

“We want a living area that’s safe, culturally relevant, and reflects us. Each nation, each clan, will want that.” – Uncle Gary Murray

Hosted by Janet McGaw

Episode 56 + 57

The Urban Nature Agenda with Cristina Gomez Garcia-Reyes

A two part series exploring how can we bring nature back into our cities to secure a more livable and resilient future for all.

“The exponential growth of the global built environment is undermining nature’s critical contributions to our societies and to our economies.” – George Benson

Hosted by George Benson

Episode 55

Cities After Dark with Mirik Milan

“Over the course of the last 40 years, creative and nightlife scenes have helped develop formal industrial areas into very vibrant neighborhoods and hotspots.”
– Mirik Milan

Hosted by Jess Reia

Episode 54

Community Climate Transitions with Mary Jane Patterson, Tova Davidson and Laura Schnurr

“They understood that a low carbon climate ready community meant inclusion, meant belonging, meant support, meant a better life… that this wasn’t just about, oh, we’re going to give stuff up for a better planet. No, it actually means a better life.” – Tova Davidson

Episode 53

“For Whom?” Understanding New Delhi’s Metro Rail From An Equity Perspective with Sreelakshmi Ramachandran

“We need to not think of infrastructure as a silver bullet, because there is no hacking cities. So we need a combination of various modes in southern cities to address the mobility demand and the various topographical features that are consistent with their climate and their geography”

Episode 52

 Expanding Access to Micromobility Through Impact Investing with Jeffrey Meyers and Paul Steely White

Episode 51

A Roadmap For Economic Justice with Neal Richardson

Episode 50

How To Be A Climate Optimist with Chris Turner

Episode 49

Connecting Suburbia: A discussion between Joel Kotkin and June Williamson

Episode 48

The Nightingale Model with Maria Yanez

Episode 47

A Rights-Based Approach To Housing with Leilani Farha

Episode 46

Reclaiming Your Community with Majora Carter

Episode 45

Building For Social Connectedness with Bruce Haden

Episode 44

What Downtowns Need To Do To Survive with Tracy Hadden Loh

Episode 43

Wellbeing in Action with Julie Rusk and Tara Barauskas

Episode 42

The Net-Zero Transition with Mekala Krishnan

Episode 41

AI4HealthyCities Special | Global Dialogues on AI for urban health

Episode 40

From the Ground Up with Alison Sant

Episode 39

Tech for Social Good with Lindsay Siegel and Jaime-Jin Lewis

Episode 38

AfroUrbanism For Thriving Black Communities with Lauren Hood

Episode 37

Designing Cities That Care with Alexandra Lange

Episode 36

Seeing the Forest for the Cities with Scott Francisco

Episode 35

The Conference To Save The World with Chante Harris

Episode 34

Streets Are For Everything with Kay Cheng

Episode 33

The Climate Disaster in Your Backyard with Daryl Fairweather

Episode 32

Whose Streets? Our Streets! with Rebecca Williams

Episode 31

A Pledge For Women In Mobility with Laura Chace

Episode 30

Curbing Air Pollution with Jeffery Smith

Episode 29

Middle Cities with Anne Surak and Iker Gil