As a small non-profit with big goals, we rely on memberships to get our projects off the ground and deliver the wonderful initiatives people have come to expect from us.

Our global members and our partner cities come to us to tap into the power of urban innovation and shape a better urban future.

NewCities members are forward-thinking organizations located all over the world who share the belief that the ability to build bridges across sectors and with many partners on an international scale is critical to success and revolutionary change within cities. Does this sound like your organization? Are you looking to make real change in cities? Reach out to join our community of members today!


  • Learn and get inspired from the greatest urban innovators
  • Connect and meet potential partners in our community of global urban leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, innovators
  • Promote and showcase your work and research to our dedicated audience through our editorial platforms and global programs
  • Get feedback on your project & products from urban experts


  • Curate an exercise to design concrete urban solutions and/or define innovative strategies through co-creation
  • Organize a learning expedition showcasing your work in a strategic city to a selection of urban experts
  • Lead an actionable research project

Learn about our Members and how we collaborate to shape cities for the better.

Citibank is a member since 2013. Our work together has spanned many formats and impact areas.

Engie is a member since 2016. Together, we advance the conversation on Housing and Climate issues. 

McKinsey Global Institute is a member since 2015. Our latest collaboration focuses on the transition to a net-zero economy. 

Jacobs is a member since 2019. We collaborate on topics such as climate migration.

Toyota Mobility Foundation is a member since 2016. Our collaborative Virtual Learning Series addresses Autonomous Suburbs.

Bouygues Construction is a member since 2016. Together we look at the evolving needs of urban populations and how to meet them.

We are proud to work closely with local governments and other public authorities as project partners

Academic and Non-Profit Members