We support the creation of mobility networks that enable all people to move freely and safely throughout cities and connect communities to core services and opportunities.

For all people to access the resources and opportunities that a city has to offer, their modes of transport must be safe, reliable, and accessible. However, certain populations including racialized groups, persons with disabilities, and women & gender nonconforming individuals often fave fewer opportunities to use certain modes of travel or do not feel safe while doing so.

By encouraging dialogues and collaboration across sectors and disciplines, we strive towards more equitable systems and hold space for those who are least served by past and present development patterns.

*Our engagement with topics of urban mobility and innovation led to the creation of our sister organization, CoMotion Global. As of 2017, this independent entity based out of LA has been organizing annual events and showcasing bold new ideas that are transforming the way people move in today’s cities.*

See featured resources, events, projects and editorial related to Mobility.

  • Workshop Reflections: Gender Inclusive Transport

    Workshop Reflections: Gender Inclusive Transport

    Researchers and urban experts around the world agree: transportation is not gender-neutral. NewCities gathered professionals from the transportation industry to dive into gender inclusive transport. Our key goals were to explore barriers to mobility that exist for women, ideate possible solutions to address these barriers in practice, and contemplate how collaboration among sectors and stakeholders can contribute to a more inclusive transport system at large.

  • A Pledge For Women In Mobility

    A Pledge For Women In Mobility

    We invited UITPANZ Executive Director Michelle Batsas to lead a conversation with Mobility XX Co-founder Laura Chace about increasing the number of women in decision-making roles so that mobility systems reflect the travel needs and patterns of women. The conversation is now available as a podcast on both NewCities’ threesixtyCITY and UITPANZ’s Women Who Move Nations.

  • Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems of the Future

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems of the Future

    The Greenfield Cities Alliance Dialogues 2021 On September 23, 2021, NewCities convened the second edition of the Greenfield Cities Alliance Dialogues 2021 in New York City at Cornell Tech’s Verizon Center in partnership with the university’s Urban Tech Hub. Titled “Sustainable Urban Mobility Systems of the Future,” this installement explored how greenfield city projects might act as…

  • UNDP and NewCities sign MOU for the Global Partnership for Informal Transportation

    UNDP and NewCities sign MOU for the Global Partnership for Informal Transportation

    The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and NewCities signed a Memorandum of Understanding exploring informal systems in the world’s cities with a special focus on informal transportation. NewCities and UNDP will work together to learn how indigenous innovation can be harnessed to empower communities to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Through the MOU, UNDP Accelerator…

  • Celebrating World Bicycle Day

    Celebrating World Bicycle Day

    Read the french version From Bike Month to Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day to Bike to Work Day, there are already a lot of reasons to celebrate cycling. In 2018, the United Nations General Assembly took things to the next level by declaring June 3 World Bicycle Day. Celebrating the new day, the UN…